Sewer Jetting Equipment for Sale

Someone has to do the dirty work! For those disruptions that happen underground and between the pipes, rely on CLS Equipment Company for assistance. Having the manpower to resolve a sewage problem is one thing, but that manpower will likely go to waste without the proper equipment. In this instance, we’re talking sewer jetting equipment [...]

Vacuum Truck Rental

Vacuum Truck Rental Whether your work is year-round or seasonal, a vacuum truck rental from CLS Equipment Co. Inc. offers several benefits. When you start a new business, often you start with the tools you have before expanding and growing your business. You may discover that your business has more demand than expected. When this [...]

Sewer Company Dallas, TX

A Sewer Company Dallas, TX Can Admire Sewer lines are necessary parts of life. Many different things go into overseeing high-quality and dependable sewer systems in communities. People need to focus on top-quality sewer services from professional plumbers, first. They also need to focus on first-class sewer equipment. If you're searching for the finest options [...]

Sewer camera trucks and what they do

Learn about sewer camera trucks The millions of pipes that exist beneath us carry extreme importance. Water spewing from your sink faucets, dishwashers, washers and toilets all pay tribute to fully functional piping and sewage control. Deficiencies or malfunctions in these areas can lead to all sorts of serious problems within your Richardson, TX neighborhood [...]

CLS Equipment Co. Announces It’s New Web Site!!!

CLS Equipment Co. Makes Browsing Sewer Equipment Online Easier Richardson, Texas: 07/05/17 – For any business to thrive in a digital age, it needs to have a strong online presence. Consumers are increasingly going online to companies’ websites to learn more about their products and services before choosing them. This is why it has become [...]