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We’re here for you, the past, present, and future! For over 44 years, CUES has provided rugged, reliable, and user-friendly systems for pipeline inspection, rehabilitation, profiling, and decision support software for asset prioritization. Increase your productivity and decrease your downtime. We have the broadest line of products to meet your needs and the best customer service in the industry! Contact CUES today for a discussion and demonstration.

John Bean Jetters

The Jet Sprayer 600 requires only one operator, and tows easily behind a pickup.  It also has electric brakes, and its 600 gallon (2268L) STAINLESS tank resists corrosion and fills from curb-side through a standard 2½” fire hydrant fitting.  Operator can guide the hose, control the reel, operate the engine and observe the manhole from his workstation at rear of unit.  In addition, when compared to the age-old method of mechanical sewer cleaning, this modern Jet Cleaner provides the safest, most efficient and effective method available.


VacStar uses a Rotary Vane pump allows an operator in Vacuum mode the capability to vacuum greater depth, greater distances, be able to submerge a pickup hose in the fluid. The Pressure mode of the unit allows an operator to pressurize discharge quickly and at a great distance, agitate the contents for a better discharge, Hoist assisted, and blow clogs for the intake hose.


VecLoaders are extremely powerful and compact vacuum systems, incorporating innovative technology to solve a wide range of industrial vacuuming and conveyance needs. They move coal, ash, dirt, blast media, sand, stone, water, slurry and other flowable bulk materials utilizing either four, five or six-inch diameter hose or multiple smaller diameter hoses. Modular in design, VecLoaders can be easily matched to a broad assortment of customer specified cyclone separators, filter-receivers, collections systems, classifiers, self-dumping hoppers and intermediate collection devices. Specifications subject to change without notice so that improvements are made as quickly as possible.


Ravo Street Sweepers

RAVO utility vehicles are on active duty every day, often in the most remote regions of the world. They are proven and trusted companions, ready to get the job done no matter what the climate or surface. Our network of licensed service centers offers worldwide coverage. We keep all parts in stock and can deliver 24/7 via our supply chain.