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We’re here for you, the past, present, and future! For over 44 years, CUES has provided rugged, reliable, and user-friendly systems for pipeline inspection, rehabilitation, profiling, and decision support software for asset prioritization. Increase your productivity and decrease your downtime. We have the broadest line of products to meet your needs and the best customer service in the industry! Contact CUES today for a discussion and demonstration.

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CUES Steerable Mudmaster Transporter

CUES offers a variety of the most rugged, portable, trailer, and truck-mounted CCTV inspection systems available for the water, wastewater, and stormwater industries. The CUES Steerable Mudmaster is a camera transporter that’s specifically designed with the necessary weight, power, high clearance, and all wheel drive for pipelines ranging from 24″ to 200″. The unit is designed to operate with 2000’ of single-conductor cable or multi-conductor cable and combines high ground clearance with pneumatic tires to provide the traction and camera stability that’s required for operation under the most adverse pipeline conditions, including high flow, deep mud, sand, and large amounts of debris. To learn more about the CUES Steerable Mudmaster.

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CUES truck-mounted grout rehabilitation systems are available for mainline joint sealing/lateral sealing and can be equipped with the latest CCTV equipment for television inspection! Applications include joint testing and sealing of mainline and lateral joints, manholes, junction boxes, large diameter pipes, or any other low pressure waterproofing application. All systems can be configured to run Urethane, Acrylimide and Acrylate grouts. Dry freight box (for export) and trailer-mounted systems are also available. Grout packers are available for mainline and lateral sealing.


The CUES MARK3 is a compact, durable, and portable system designed to operate all CUES mainline cameras, including the CUES Digital Universal Camera (DUC) and most CUES transporters in 6″-72″ pipe. MARK3 features built-in diagnostics for the entire system–including the video cable. The MARK3 operating system can be mounted on the MARK3 reel, as a self-contained system, or remotely mounted in a truck or trailer.

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We have available 4 million dollars of loaner cues equipment available