Industrial Vacuum Truck

Someone has to be responsible for cleaning the sludge that collects within the city sewage systems. Better yet, how about something? Nowadays, industrial workers can take advantage of an industrial vacuum truck to clean sewer sludge, concrete powder, and all else found beneath the streets. Such a machine minimizes that dirty work for the individual, while also increasing overall efficiency.

Here is all that you should consider if you or your Richardson, TX business is in need of an industrial vacuum truck:

What does an industrial vacuum truck do?

First of all, you need to familiarize yourself with the features and functions of the specialized truck. To simplify an industrial vacuum truck, it important to understand that the truck really does work just like a vacuum.

It creates suction, filters particles and collects debris. Of course, an industrial vacuum truck does these things in far greater capacity and with far greater power.

Many vacuum trucks will include a sewer jetter. Sewer jetters, also commonly known as hydro-jetters, combine high-pressure water with the vacuum’s low-pressure suction to make a sewer cleaning job easier. The water aims to loosen water gunk that is stuck within the pipes, drains, basins or pits. Sewer jetters can reach hundreds of feet. As an example, John Bean’s Sewer Jetter 600 extends out to, believe it or not, 600 feet!

It is also very important that the industrial sewer truck be properly insulated and that the decant valve and discharge valve are always secure. A huge part of sewer cleaning is ensuring chemicals do not leak into the atmosphere, either while vacuuming or while transporting the sewer sludge to the transfer station.

Used, re-manufactured, or new?

The type of truck you buy really depends on how much you intend on using it. It probably wouldn’t make sense for you to spend on a new one if you only plan on using it a few times. Though, if it’s to add to your fleet of industrial vacuum trucks, you want to ensure it is up to par and ready to work, without repair needs, for a long time to come.

Generally speaking, pre-owned vacuum trucks are the common buy. Manufacturers in Richardson, TX are so skilled that practically any replacement part or repair can be installed or executed to keep a pre-owned truck in prime condition. You may want to consider one that is fully re-manufactured. This route should guarantee a high-performing truck that weighs toward newer quality as opposed to used quality.

Be sure to consider warranty on an industrial vacuum truck, whether used, re-manufactured or new. It may be a far shot to expect any type of warranty with a used vacuum truck; however, re-manufactured should get you at least six months to a year warranty. New will of course protect your truck for longer.

It’s up to you and your business needs. Just be sure to evaluate your needs for the future, not just for the present.

Be cautious in your pursuit

industrial vacuum truckIf you do decide to go the pre-owned route, be sure to do your research and ask plenty of questions. It’s just like buying a used car. There are plenty of people out there that will try to gain a deceptive edge either by withholding certain information or being untruthful about certain information.

In the example of industrial vacuum trucks, a seller may tell you all components are working just right, when, in actuality, they are not. Therefore, you should ALWAYS complete an inspection or at least get record of a recently completed inspection on any vacuum trucks that you are interested in buying. Test all of the integral parts to ensure they are working as they should be.

Another thing to be wary of is parts customization. Customized parts can be impossible to replace, so if/when they stop working, you may be out of luck. Really, you should aim to keep things simple when you buy an industrial vacuum truck. Once it’s in your name, you can then get creative with it. Perhaps you’ll add some customization of your own.

Also, in completing a legitimate transaction, you’ll want a clear title (a release of liens) on the truck at the time of purchase. Get any third parties out of the way. If you need a loan, it’s best you get a lienholder that you personally select instead of transferring the previous lien on the title.

What to do if you need replacement parts or re-work

Give CLS Equipment Co. Inc. a call! There is a very good chance we will have the part or accessory that your vacuum truck needs. Industrial vacuum trucks are very particular. One misfunctioning part could prevent the entire truck from carrying out its specific duties.

Maybe your truck needs a new jetter or a new intake valve. All you have to do is let us know what model you own and we’ll identify,  locate and provide the exact part that you are in need of.

CLS Equipment Co. Inc. partners with multiple name brands within the industry, including Vac-Con, John Bean, CUES, VacStar, Vector and Ravo. Together, we strive to advance sewer cleaning technology, making it easier to use, safer to use, and more effective in its use. That’s our goal for equipment that is newly released to the market, but also for equipment that has come to us so it can get back on the market in an improved way.

Learn how to use an industrial vacuum truck

Before you operate any heavy equipment on the job scene, make sure you know how to use it away from the job scene. As they say, practice makes perfect!

CLS provides on-site training in Richardson, TX and Houston, TX for specialty equipment, including industrial vacuum trucks. We go so far in depth that we offer a Bi-Annual “Sewer School”. We want anyone who uses our products and anyone in the sewer cleaning business in general to know how to safely operate the working vehicles.

Using tools on the job site without mastering them could lead to serious backlash. You certainly don’t want to bust a sewage pipe or release nasty chemicals into the atmosphere as you are trying to do the opposite.

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