Sewer Vacuum Truck Services Near Me

People aren’t exactly lining up to remove sewage from pipes. It’s a responsibility that takes discipline and courage, especially if you do it on a routine basis. The good news is there are now advanced machines that can take care of this, lessening the extent of human participation. These machines still have to be operated and controlled, but they will certainly handle and rid of waste at a quicker pace. Here’s what to know about sewer vacuum truck services near me

What do sewer vacuum trucks do?

sewer vacuum truck services near meSewer vacuum truck services near me will vacuum sewage (you don’t say!). They are built to clean underground sewage pipes, both beneath neighborhood homes and municipalities. They can also be used to empty septic tanks.

How one works…

A lengthy hose is placed down a manhole and extended via remote control operation from the truck. Air pressure is affected as the valves to the vacuum are opened and closed. This of course controls the suction. The end goal is to pressurize dirt within pipes until it is loosened and then vacuum it into a tank that is also part of the truck. The tank is then transported to a sewage plant for disposing.

What to look for in sewer vacuum truck services near me

Sewer vacuum trucks can be rented, purchased pre-owned or purchased brand new. Obviously, brand new models are the most reliable. The catch is the price. Commercial businesses might purchase a fleet of brand-new sewer trucks; however, pre-owned or rented are the primary options for individuals.

Individually, it’s best to rent a truck that will be operated by a professional. With that said, sewer vacuum trucks are purposed to be relatively straight forward in usage. Some companies, CLS Equipment Co. INC. for example, will train individuals on how to use specific equipment. The same works for businesses that are renting or purchasing equipment. CLS will conduct safety seminars in Richardson, TX to ensure all equipment is used knowledgeably and safely.

If you need repairs…

Just like any vehicle or operating system, sewer vacuum trucks can experience part breakdown or malfunction. New trucks should be backed by a warranty, but the same can’t be guaranteed for used or rented trucks. Try to negotiate a warranty new or used, and be sure the warranty is for both the chassis and the vacuum module. Some dealers will separate the two when it comes to warranties.

Chances are you won’t be using your vacuum truck too often. At least, you shouldn’t have to if the job is done right the first go around. When not in use, parts can rust or wear. Perhaps the next time you use it a part won’t be working. Rather than purchasing a whole new sewer vacuum truck, have the part either repaired or replaced.

CLS Equipment Co. can help you there too! Just give us a call and we’ll match the specific sewer tool to complete your model and have it once again working at full function.

What is a sewer jetter?

Sewer jetters both relate to and differ from sewer vacuum truck services near me. Like a sewer vacuum, jetters make use of a lengthy hose by feeding it down into the sewer. However, jetters actually release water at high pressures to force dirt off the sewer perimeter and into the gully hole.

Jetters vary in sizes. For instance, the Sewer Jetter 600 offered by John Bean consists of a 600-foot long hose reel that is only ¾’’ in width. 600 feet is quite the extension and the fact that water can be pumped at such high pressures (75 gallons/minute) through such a small circumference enlightens the effectiveness of this type of sewer cleaning product.

Of course, your job may not require such a long hose reel. There’s no point in purchasing or renting a 600-foot jetter hose if all you need is a 100-foot one. Speak with a sewer cleaning expert about sizing. The expert will be able to match jetter size with project size. He/she will be able to determine the necessary hose length, tank size and truck size.

The commonality of the vacuum/jetter combo

sewer vacuum truck services near meIf you really want the guarantee of a successful cleaning project, get yourself a sewer vacuum truck with a vacuum/jetter combination. Just think how productive the combo would be…

Cleaning would be twice as effective in Richardson, TX. The vacuum would extract all of the built-up dirt while the jetter forces the dirt down the gully. The order of use is essentially interchangeable. You could start with high water pressure and then follow-up with high air pressure. Or, you could start with high air pressure and follow-up with high water pressure. Either way, the end result should be a clean, unclogged sewer. You could even activate both cleaning tools at the same time!

Keep in mind, it’s at least a two-man job. An individual must be at the sewer vacuum truck in order to control the length of the hose or hoses. That person would also need to control the valves which control the amount of pressure applied. The other individual must stand at the outskirts of the manhole to monitor the hose. That person would need to ensure the hose continues to progress down the pipe as needed.

What else are sewer vacuum trucks used for?

Beyond vacuuming sewer sludge, sewer vacuum truck services near me can also be used for excavation purposes. They can be used mechanically to bring cables or pipes to the surface. The singular power of a vacuum truck exceeds the power of man. Why commit multiple workers to a job that one machine can do? Rather than risking injury, let the machine do the job.

In addition, the sewer vacuum/sewer jetter combination can rid of hazardous surface stains. Whether this combination be called upon at an industrial plant or a chemical plant, the end result will be a safe workspace.

In essence, these advanced trucks primarily operate beneath ground; however, they do have some benefit above ground as well.  Designate your use and plan of attack and call CLS Equipment Co. to access trucks or parts.

CLS Equipment Co. INC.

CLS Equipment Co. INC. works alongside major sewer equipment manufacturers to create innovative products and enhance already existing products. Our network of manufacturers includes Vac-Con, John Bean, CUES, VacStar, Vector, and Ravo.

We also teach equipment use. If new products are introduced to us then we will hold a special on-site training for out staff and for customers if they choose to participate. We feel continued education is crucial when it comes to sewer cleaning, especially considering the many advancements of sewer trucks throughout the years. It’s amazing how many tasks these trucks can take on these days!

If you are seeking new equipment or rented equipment, give CLS Equipment Co. a call. Also, give us a call if you need to improve your current equipment or if you need help learning how to use your equipment.

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