VacStar Trailers & Hydro Excavator

A need for equipment in the telecom construction business drove the engineering of both the reel trailers and the VacStar Hydro Excavator. The formula: simple to operate, simple to maintain, quality built, superior performance.

VacStar uses a Rotary Vane pump allows an operator in Vacuum mode the capability to vacuum greater depth, greater distances, be able to submerge a pickup hose in the fluid. The Pressure mode of the unit allows an operator to pressurize discharge quickly and at a great distance, agitate the contents for a better discharge, Hoist assisted, and blow clogs for the intake hose.

vacstar trailer attachment

Optional tank sizes 500 gallons or 800 gallons. Air Filtration: air is redundantly checked to protect the vacuum pump: check balls, cyclonic water trap, two-part cleanable filter. Water System allows a pressure adjustment (100-2200 psi). Two types of water wand tools included. An anti-freeze system to protect the water pump. ( 2 ) 125-gallon saddle tanks. uses heavy duty standard components that have national service centers. The trailer has been engineered to maintain a balanced load and minimum tongue weight, DOT compliant. The power system is 28 hp Kubota diesel tier 4 compliant. Optional gasoline engines are available.

Beyond the primary purpose of “Utility Potholing” the list of uses is extensive;

Directional drilling cleanup, Clean out Manholes, Water valves, Drains, vehicle wash bays and pits, meter boxes, catch basins, lift stations, storm drains, water towers, work sites, jetting capabilities (pipes, culverts, etc), Emergency use (truck spills, bad weather), dig holes for fence posts, for trees and shrubs, guardrail posts, for concrete footings, slot trenching, and short bores underneath sidewalks and driveways.

All VacStar units include (2) –high pressure cutting wands, 30 feet of 3” diameter vacuum hose, PVC vacuum pickup tube, 6 foot long discharge hose, 3” to 4” camlock discharge adapter, (2) Splash face shields, Amber Safety Strobe Light. 50 feet of high pressure water hose. All tools are “quick disconnect”.


Do not have the capabilities to perform as the VacStar does. Roots Blower, vacuum only. Needs constant flow of air to create vacuum. Single tool uses excess of water, ineffective for locating buried utilities. Dumping challenges require full cleanout with each dump. High dollar add-ons are now standard, making the units more expensive.

VacStar is less expensive, but has exceptional quality and superior performance. The VacStar “no frills” price point is far below the competition.