Someone has to do the dirty work! For those disruptions that happen underground and between the pipes, rely on CLS Equipment Company for assistance. Having the manpower to resolve a sewage problem is one thing, but that manpower will likely go to waste without the proper equipment. In this instance, we’re talking sewer jetting equipment in Richardson, TX.

What is sewer jetting equipment?

Often times stated as hydro-jetters or water jetters, sewer jetters can make a world of a difference in removing gunk from pipes. They use high-pressure hoses to pump water through pipes and sewers. The effectiveness of sewer jetters ranges all the way from simple jobs on residential lots to major jobs focusing on city sewer systems.

Sewer jetters vary in size, capacity, power…

sewer jetting equipmentThe variation of sewer jetters is considerable. You’ll see jetters that are the size of a lawnmower, the size of a wagon and the size of a truck. In addition to size, jetters will have different water pressure, hose length and tank size. Typically, you’ll have hunch as to what size sewer jetting equipment will be appropriate for a certain job; however, it’s always wise to speak with an expert to narrow your scope.

CLS Equipment Company rents, sells and fixes an assortment of sewage-related equipment in Richardson, TX, including jetters. Our representatives are trained to use them and are therefore very knowledgeable of them. We’ll have plenty of sewer jetters to select from and we’ll match the jetter with the job at hand. To rent, buy or seek advice, call (972) 590-6160.

In our operations, we partner with main-brand companies to make use of a wide selection of equipment. Together, the goal is simply to provide customers with the necessary equipment for a particular job. Our partners include:

Product Detail

Sewer jetters are always a major need; therefore, they are always a major part of the inventory. One of John Bean products is the Sewer Jetter 600. It consists of a…

-600-foot-long hose reel that is ¾’’ thick. The hose can fit into the tiniest of spaces, and, at the same time, can reach a very long distance.

-John Deere four-cylinder, 80 HP Power Tech 4045DF270 water cooled diesel engine. In other words, it has plenty of power.

-Pump capacity 40 GPM (Gallons Per Minute) @ 2,000 PSI. As you might imagine, this particular pump is meant for major projects.

To learn more about the Sewer Jetter 600, please see our equipment page under John Bean. You can also obtain vast information on the Sewer Jetter 350.

Ultimately, sewer jetters make a difficult job significantly less difficult. Though we’ll never claim sewer work to be easy, there is a lot to be said about innovative equipment that can certainly ease a difficult job.

That’s what CLS Equipment Company is all about! We keep an eye out for the next big thing, and we make tweaks to existing products in order to better production. With our trusted equipment, there is no such thing as an impossible job. The equipment can be quite complex, especially for first time users. But don’t fret; we’ll show you how to operate your desired piece of sewer equipment with safety and precision.

If you need help with a job, reach out to us. You can learn more about our product lines and services by visiting our website——and our blog.

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